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The Adventures of Relic and Sikosis
NY PizzaToday, we did some more walking around NYC. It's Spider-man week and the Sony store had a large 30ft web slinger, as well as several window displays. We also checked out FAO Schwarz, the toy store with the walk-on piano ($250,000 US), made famous by the Tom Hanks movie - Big.

Unfortunately, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was closed on Tuesdays; Niketown was a bit of a disappointment, despite having 5 levels, I reckon a local Rebel Sports or Super Amart store would have more Nike gear.

For dinner, we finally got to try out a New York pizza or pie, as they call it. It was huge and really nice, though hard to handle. Tomorrow at 4am, we leave for London.
Apple Store NYCHey everybody ... we're in New York and I'm posting this from the Apple Mecca. It's an amazing store - Macs everywhere !

We also went to the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Centre) and got some good footage up there. Tomorrow, we're off on a double decker open top bus tour of NYC. We walked around for a little bit more, then headed back to have some Subway for dinner (which is right next door to our hotel) and then went upstairs and watched some TV. Yes, definitely hanging out for Heroes tonight on NBC.

We're now sitting on an internet terminal in the hotel, uploading all our travel photos (about 300 odd). So, check out the gallery page shortly.
NYC from Top of RockAt 5:30am this morning, after getting 4 hours sleep, we made our way to New York; first stopping in LA for a couple of hours. We sampled some Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks) for breakfast and then landed in New York at about 8pm, losing 3 hours because of the timezones.

After a rather scary ride in our super shuttle from JFK airport, we arrived at our hotel at 11:30pm, had some room service as we hadn't eaten since breakfast and then crashed.
Star Trek ExperienceThis morning, we finally got a chance to sleep in. We then took the monorail to the Las Vegas Hilton to check out the Star Trek Experience. After doing some shopping along the DS9 promenade and eating a Hamborger at Quark's Bar, we decided it was too expensive to do the rides and so we looked around Caesar's Palace, did some more shopping and then made our way back to the hotel.

It was rather a hot day today in Vegas; it actually reminded me of an Australian summer. At 7pm, we ventured over to the MGM Grand to see our Vegas show, Ka (Cirque de Soleil). All I can say is that it was amazing, with the stage moving in all directions.
Lisa and I at Hoover DamThis morning we headed off on our 4 hour journey to the Grand Canyon. We were both feeling pretty tired from the night before, but we managed to get some zzz's in the tour vehicle (Hummer).

As it was my first time in a helicopter, I took some motion sickness pills, though I don't think I needed them as it wasn't very windy and it was a pretty smooth ride. I got some amazing footage as well.

We then took a short boat ride on the Colorado River and Lisa went out on the Skywalk. I decided not to go out, because they don't allow cameras. Lisa said it was pretty scary when she looked down, so she didn't spend a lot of time out there.