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The Adventures of Relic and Sikosis
Lisa at BellagioThis morning we went off on our Timeshare tour, which was a lovely room and the sales guy did his best, but we stuck to our guns and told them thanks but no thanks. Still, we got our free tickets and Saturday we're off to see Ka.

We also went to the MGM Grand, which is huge and saw their Lion habitat. It's now lunch time and we're off to McDonalds :) - been dying to try it since we got here. There's a new burger too :P

At night, we went on our Neon and Lights bus tour. Our tour guide, Herb was very knowledgeable and quite a character. They took us to see the Bellagio hotel, which was quite beautiful, to see the free water show and then to the Rio for their Mardi Gras show. Both shows were quite good and Lisa finally got her replica Vegas sign lamp.

Our tour was then delayed for about an hour because someone lost their purse, so we didn't get to Fremont Street til 10pm. We were told there was great shopping to be had, but when we had a look it was all crap. By this time, we were starving, so we went to the Golden Gate's diner for a nice meal, proly one of the best we've had in the US so far.
VegasToday, we left LA and ventured on to Las Vegas. After a rather bumpy ride, we went to check-in and got suckered into going to a Timeshare sales pitch to get some cheaper (a lot cheaper) tickets to see a show - Ka (Cirque de Souil).

We then went shopping (spent a little more than our daily budget) and then had a buffet dinner (finally some good food) and then crashed.
Today we went to Universal Studios, it was a lovely cool day in LA with a top of 18C. At least, it wasn't raining like other parts of the US.

First off, we toured around all the backlot sets including going onto the set of Crossing Jordan (we even saw one of the stars of that show on a VIP tour with his parents). Got some great footage and stories from our tour guide Jeff.

We then broke for lunch, which was terrible. There is obviously money in this place, so as to why the food was so bad, your guess is as good as mine. The rides/shows that we went on/to were pretty cool, especially Shrek in 4D, Back to the Future and Water World (dubbed the no. 1 stunt show in the world). I guess they're still trying to recoup funds from it's movie failure.

Travelling the train system (Metro) was okay - rightly priced, but the lack of signage was certainly a let down. On our walk back to the hotel, we past Hilary Clinton and her mob trying to whip up the crowd.

We're now at CyberJava Internet cafe (about a block from our hotel) posting this entry. Unfortunately, the Lifedrive has been unable to upload the photos, so they might have to wait til we get back (or until I get a USB card reader).
Me and R2After a long plane flight (12.5 hrs) we finally touched down at LAX.

The security was tight in Brisbane, having gone through 2 security points and being patted down, but after that it was all good. On the plane I managed to watch Stranger than Fiction, Borat, Kenny, an episode of Mythbusters, Enough Rope (Jamie Oliver), World Cooking Asia and 2 x Top Gear.

It's now 9:40am LA time, we've just checked in and feeling all jet lagged.

We woke up about 5ish and walked around the boulevard, checked out Chinese Mann theatre and had a bite to eat at Disney's Soda and Fountain (Free wifi). We're now chillin' in our hotel room waiting for the latest episode of Heroes.
PackingT'was the night before travel and all through the house, the sound of packing could be heard. And would you believe it, it actually rained in Brisbane for the first time in along time.