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The Adventures of Relic and Sikosis
Total LondonToday, we embarked on our full day tour of London. We thought this was probably the best way to see London in one day, and it certainly was. First, we started out at the Tower of London and was escourted by a Beef Eater through to see the Crown Jewels.

Next, we went past Trafalgar Square and onto St Pauls' Cathedral and then on a boat cruise on the Thames, taking in the sights. We then got off at the Globe Theatre stop and headed onto a traditional English pub for lunch. :D

Next, we went to Westminster Abbey and then topped off the afternoon by going for a "flight" on the London Eye. Very nice !
HarrodsToday, we got up early and headed off to Harrods. First, we navigated London's Underground system with ease - it certainly puts QR Rail to shame, but in saying that, QR Rail eats LA's train system for breakfast.

We walked around Harrods for about 4 hours and got lots of photos. The food hall there is just amazing. I've heard people speak about it before, but you just can't fathom how great it is until you're there taking it all in.

We had bagels for lunch from Harrods 102, which is a separate store across the road, kind of a mini-food hall. Next was Oxford Street / Soho for some more shopping - mainly to go to Blackmarket Records, a specialty Drum 'n Bass shop and then Lisa did some more shopping at Gap.
Chelsea FCToday, we headed to the Vue cinema in Fulham to see Spider-man 3. What a let down. It was rather an average movie, I'll be posting my full review on my site soon.

We then had lunch at Yo Sushi .... mmm, the salmon was good. Unfortunately, Lisa didn't understand what the waiter said and so, he thought we were first time sushi go-ers and he was quite shocked when he came to get our bill, seeing how many dishes we'd tried. :)

On our walk back to the hotel, we went past Chelsea FC's home ground and got some snaps.
View of EarlThis morning, we got up early and headed out onto the local streets of Earls Court / Fulham. Despite having a jumper on, it was freezing, so we decided warm clothing shopping was a necessity.

Everything fell into place today; I got a haircut, we got some travel washing detergent, got warm shirts and jackets, found a kebab shop (Lisa's been craving one since we left Australia) and found a movie cinema, so we can see Spider-man 3 when it comes out tomorrow.
NYCAt 4am, after getting a couple of hours sleep, we left NYC and embarked on our 6-7 hour flight to London.

It was a pretty bumpy ride on British Airways, however, it was the nicest flight in terms of comfort / food. We arrived at Heathrow airport at about 9pm, losing 5 hours due to the timezone difference, and after checking in, we had an awesome pub meal.