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The Adventures of Relic and Sikosis
Me and SushiThis morning it was pouring down in Tokyo as we prepared to explore Akihabara aka Electric Town.

Despite the rain, there was still heaps of people shopping. Whilst the Lonely Planet guide said there was porn / manga porn everywhere, we only saw 2 shops in amongst the gazillon other shops selling cameras, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 devices - you name it. So much choice, so little yen. ;)

As well as picking up a cheap suitcase and some other gifts, I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-UX71 for $700 AU cheaper than I could have got it for at home. It works great, however, it is running Vista Home Premium and due to MS and their wisdom (licensing restrictions), it only ships with one language pack - Japanese. Apparently, Vista Ultimate and Enterprise don't have this issue. Thanks for nothing Microsoft. :(

Anyway, after a tiring day shopping, we then headed back to the hotel to freshen up. Whilst I'm loving it here, Lisa is having difficultly adapting to the number of people and the culture. Take dinner for example, we went to that sushi restaurant I found, where you write down what you want by the piece. Of course, I just ordered 16 pieces of Salmon :) - Lisa tried her luck and ended up with Eel and Abalone. Needless to say, she wasn't happy, whilst I had a belly full of sushi. To make up for it, I said she can choose dinner tomorrow night.